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Try a learning stance and foci of scientific idea quanta in the area of subparticle physics

For a “learning” light entering darkness.

For phenomenon of dark matter experientially encountered, dark matter is revealed subconsciously in subparticle physics, using quantum-physics-subject, disciplined meditation as background, and a mantra on “passive learning experience.”

80% subconscious of unified field of learning idea quanta

Idea quanta are discrete units of ideas that may be twist and turns on string in string theory.  They are precursor to DNA.  Think of it as imagined cube-it (cubic figures of your length-width-height; discreetly drawn in your mind).  Neatly stacked “cube-its” of ideas of the mind get translated to more fundamental twists and turns in string theory–surrounding the brain (including affective intelligence) and around your body (if you know how to listen to your body).

80% dark matter of the universe

Consciously utilizing the intutive, functioning on the the 80% subconsciousness, to enter 80% study field of the universe. It’s everywhere we are–any foci yields locus:n

Unless idea quantum foci course through the universe via idea quantum loci in realtivity (“bending of the mind” not just the shrunken actor’s body).

However, entanglement is applied technology and direct contact may occur through a wormhole, or some mini field affective energy plasma (animating-principle principal unit in the universal physics) developing on with “sides” of the universal field, whereby you can send a tardegarde at loci:A through foci:A (transferring cosmic “window”) to loci:B (the other part of the universe).

A correct “meditating observation” circles on the following:

It is by the very nature of dark matter that a learning stance is the source of light illuminated by foci idea quantum during complete study time intervals for the actual universe to present itself for study, and eventually labeled loci:n.

The meditation time intervals is similar to laying down in a comfortable chair. In familiar quiet surroundings. Shutting off all the lights.  Only you’re focusing on subparticle physics.

It is through the inner mind that the function, intuition, during calm rest or sleep, enters the unified universal field of experiential observation for abuttment with the 12 + 1 (one dimension “outside the box” of science, in populations group behavioral science of belief systems) dimensions matter phenomena.  And the development of animating principal units (2) can occur.

This can be completed with 24-hour environments of degenerted behavior and violence.

Those sleeping sending healthy viral strains back and forth in the universe.  Those staying up all the time and embroiled in sex and violence feeding viral to and fro that are diseased viral strains–send out or coming in, receiving hosts and both at opposite viral behavioral science in humans, and in the universe.

How we express our human genes, determines how violent a nature we have; thus, a determinant in acts of war, when engaged.  Halted from actual combat by keeping diplomatic channels and talking by communicating clearly and the willingness to learn from opposing views–altering positions and gene expression, as a result.

Abraham Boulder

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It’s wet here in the Pacific Northwest.  (touch link) -Abraham Boulder.

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Abraham Boulder: “Give yourself a break.  Giving up.  Giving in. Enough.”

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Can you say, “I will.”

If empirical, then phenomenon of Sanity in an “up,” universal ceiling; Creator, creation Myth for driver, “pull,” of Human Destiny.

Otherwise, the mark of insanity, fated for extinction, via “peopled” government to exterminate the human race.

The “pull” phenomenon of Sanity is the same entropic energy in the push from Central Asia to Europe and on to the East Coast, and a tractor-pull nature of global, polar magnetism housing correct geologic properties revolving, itself, around a star at the correct distance away from star.

Evolving spaceshipEarth revolving on its axis and revolving around the Sun for Entropic Energy in the Pacific Rim area of West to East, and evolving Tiger economies in the East doing fair trade with the West in return. And evolving geology, evolving chemistry, evolving biology (and salmon swimming upstream) and evolving idea quanta at the particle physics level of the brain interacting with the universal environment, everyday large-body physics.

Ideas generated in an evanescence of creative-imagination bubbly, taken to task, to become hardy, practical solutions to divergent answers of multi-faceted problems going upwards against the downward direction of entropy energy.

All evolution starting with memes of universal idea quanta studied and cognition identified within the universal sphere influencing the uphill climb of ideas as agency for destiny of homo sapiens from random-fated death and elimination.

-Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy

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“The Edge Effect”

The good doctor, author Dr. Braverman speaks, in his book, “The Edge Effect” of the “Electrical Edge.” He writes,

“We use four measurements to determine the relationship between brain function and the creation and delivery of human electricity to the rest of the body: voltage, speed, rhythm, and synchrony.”


Hypothesis 1: the “portal” opportunity of children, and separately, to a major extent, adult creativity, relying on child-like impulses of electricity involving an “universal,” integrated health approach of biome response evolves (entails/involves) quantum animation and decision-making that requires a thorough check-up prmarily with your significant Other, or in freeing up the sex response: others, including family input via communication, within the individual adult (Parent, or parenting) “portal of opportunity” of quantum animation.

Such a portal of decision-making has been quoted in literary form as centimeters or 100th of a second.

“And so goes literary expression that I, Abraham Boulder, believe it’s more alligned with a millisecond of quantum animation and decision-making of aliveness of color from feeling integrated healthy, and confirmed or disapproved by conscience and significant Other, in a complete body circuit instead of passage, to and from, the brain.

“This complete circuit of biome as a body circuit may involve introducing idea quanta subparticles shifting from color-tone to color-tone of microbiome feeling, or biological affect,, and involves a response of microbiome from head to toe, in subparticle motion, delivery, and consequent feedback, of affect intelligence.

“Not something desired repeatedly, without end. A product of rearing and parenting love in behavior.”

Hypothesis 2: challenged by competing anti-matter philosophy, psychiatry, psychology, socioeconomics, and history from sources like the Soviet, Communist Party, Fascism, Totalitarianism, and democratic and republic deadweight:

“Sometimes, history answers, instead of group interaction. Answers to falseness in Straussian philosophy, and responses disfavorable to post-Straussian legal enactments under false pretenses and suppositions, and post-Modern perversions are products of unconstitutional lawmaking centering on the Unnatural Law of Genocide, and calling into play the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

“In an Age of Crisis, constitutional amendments, in a series, should be studied for global economic engagement, and internal socioeconomic strife, and voted on for inclusion in this living document, the U.S. Constitution; further piloting the 21st Century, and positioning America to meet the 22nd and 23rd Centuries, as they happen.”

Abraham Boulder.

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Trials and Tribulations

Is PCB necessary? And all the robots under his name?  Do we not this assembly line.  It’s reverie.

I was just dreaming.

MAC supply SAC and TAC, or otherwise someone else.  It’s time to fly!


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Change. Now

We change the rules of the game.

Running bases goes to 3rd base to 2nd base to 1st base symbolically showing we can change, we can do, and the points will add up quickly on the scoreboard for winning 300 years to ecosystem equilbria.

Already there’s talk of “no reinvestment” by some corporations, expect I think, Colgate-Palmolive Corporation to be in the game for the future and if possible for future generations of consumers, a bit off on the watch one may add, but, “we’re catching it now, you see.” Believe we can. Do. Meet real deadlines!

Abraham Boulder. -Keven.

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