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Let’s talk biology to our new leadership

Post-modern perverted lies for sex (away from Western Enlightenment), may mask knowledge by legends, like Dr. Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur, and 1928 Alexander Fleming accidentally discovering penicillin in a petri dish.

What is masked from these generations away from these discoverers of science, is generational knowledge, going forward, of cleaning yourself during menstruation, to clean junk out of your biological system.

Lister, who discovered alcohol antiseptic quality is Not natural cleaning for the female organs’ areas.

What is natural is perhaps Dove soap applied to clean thoroughly, or perhaps a product like phisoderm® which used to be on the shelves to proper pH of skin and thereby, not to be too alkaline.

Such a discussion like these is the same, hygiene-level, as brusing your teeth–it’s important for overall health.

Staying out of the occult, and entering the light of better health is always a better way to go.

Abraham Boulder

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Hey, wait a minute.

We’ve had the Western Enlightenment, deconstructionist is a take-down, perversion of Truth in post-Modern, and lies of Straussian, pseudo-science laws of post-Straussian, Aryan death cults of Skulls & Bones, rot and putrefecation of genocide and plague.

We have Natural Law that includes destiny over fate.  Law of faith-based behavioral science over scientism for sanity, nasi-domiinated universe, vital -life, energy force, and human species’ future, or Destiny.  We are bio-genetically engineered in our animating principle for Destiny.

Abraham Boulder

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We’re missing something here! Does it matter? I don’t think it’s hypothetical any longer.

It feels like we are taking ourselves beyond humanity into computer singularity to satisfy the communist and fascist totalitarianism, in that we are only property that has a bar code of numbers to scan on us, and we are nothing more.

Human hybrids are machines with personality. (It’s putting-a-face-on, a screw and nut!)

We have lost our right to exist, to be. And we enter, “the not,”….”The no longer.”

It starts with a feeling,….Before it gets mass produced.

–Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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God-less parents.

“He’s not to live,” came the outburst.”  ‘That’s because he’s got God.  Son of a bitch!”

Well, God damn!!


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Work. Who needs it. Universities. Their a business. They need money.

Totalitarians hate our system of knowledge in databanks.

They don’t like our philosophy, our economy, our calculations kept on computer files. Our knowledge of history. Dummy U, they demand. Deletion of resources go your not-secure-enough data in subjects other than communist and fascist!

Abraham Boulder

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Beyond evolution non-Euclideans creations in applied science and applied technologies  outside of ethical limits: Creating hordes of problems, absentism of correct solutions

Pizza 6, 7, 8 ruled by fat. Actions outside of reason, outside 12 + 1 dimensions, in a kind of nonsensical expression of homocide.

(-)Creation: something you have never seen before.
Beyond “taking it to extremes.”

(12 +) 1 dimensions. A singular or unique dimension is “animating” or “generator” of a better future and survival in behavioral science. It’s classified as a nonscience, but it is capable of moving billions of people forward while each and every one of them, find answers for themselves from their location on Earth. Have they even tried to perpetuate an ongoing brainstorm which would appear as an accumlating brain trust, as long as ideas, as information, are put in a physical dimension?

Premise: (Value Index= –1 Creation) The “outside” 13 dimension

Action: develop brain mass by reading material and listening to lectures on this premise theme.

Results: Man greatest achievement (or his worst possible flub) in this argument is actually to rip a hole in the universe to destroy the Leviathan universe, and as in Moby Dick, the bigger-than-Man concept does not need to be tied with a bow for Man to recognize his uniqueness (not similarities), his size is adequate, worthy of praise, his plurality in his one-to-one relationship with a God of goodness, hence greatness in perserveance, endurance, and sufferings inherent in a life lived.

He, she does not move to the direction outside of reality to hope to manufacture it because the consequences of selling, ideas made into toys and work products, involve fraud and misstatements of safety concerns.

He hasn’t learned better, he just got more sophisticated. The toxicity by which he has worked on, exponentiated or got more complex, utilizing on-the-fly philosophy that’s outside of reality, and calling it “new and improved.”

Innovative notions are in any sense, not checked for practicality, that is, is this beneficial to me, to society?

Science and technologies that follow this development, look for extremism, “outside of extremism.” Outside the boundaries of reality (of the 12 + 1 dimensions) that inevitably leads to disorder: brain, mental, spiritual, physical illnesses; eventually tweaking out WQ, wisdom intelligence; and products are manufactured without adequate effect on realty’s dimensions and ecosystems survivability that go from hazardous, to toxic, to toxic with a miniscule dose–lacking adequate waste treatment, adequate handling of these advanced products from chemistry and biology and no truly neutralizing agent(s).

Abraham Boulder

P.S. In the book, “Anatomy of Reality”

Premise: “the entire system of interweaving of man, nature, and the universe constitutes a living totality.  Man is searching for his legitimate place in this unity, this cosmic scheme of things.”

I think non-Euclidean philosophy opposed to this effort, not aside, opposed.

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From “play” to serious talk

Brother working Aryan philosophy as gospel tends to inflame people frequently leading to mass killings.  Done in common unconscious settings.

Not legally responsible for sticking his subconscious nose in other persons’ business, but I’m reading about “destructive emotions,” and discussions on what science can learn from religion.

There is a stream of subconscious, psyche economy deficit, that looks to bully, act unfair, and kill for no good reason.

There is a stream of subconsciousness, psyche economy surplus that sees injustice, and expresses it’s outrage about appalling situations that no one is to be kept from saying to someone else–not the media or government official-does not have the right to interfere with–Amendment 1, Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution that allows free expression, except no threats or dishonor to the standing government, or the Office of the President of the United States of America.

Fair criticism is acceptable and welcomed.  We enjoy hearing different perspectives on issues and look forward to conclusions that relate to cause and effect.

Perspectives on political and economic trade are welcomed.  Fairer treatment of worker’s is an Adam Smith hallmark for fairer business practices.

But stockmarket analysts that only talk about bubbles (although that talk can be totally legitimate), are not talking enough of emergent markets of diversification in energy ($25 trillion industry), when numerous CEO’s are talking closing markets.

The key thing here–the very, very important financial concern here is not when the market goes down, but whether the businesses in new market capital are still linked to essentially, deadweight that will sink flagships in green energy, green technologies, and interlinks with industries that play “catch up” with products more and more with the green label.


Property: most.  Moving expense and time taken out for the move, at the critical hour.
Abrahem Boulder

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