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‘This is politely slipped to me as a note.”

I don’t know if this is true; however, at times of “sleepy” contemplation, I get affective intelligence that may, in fact, exist. Check it out.

I don’t know if this is a case of, “it surely seems that way, at times,” but New York State and Washington State are having a heck of time, “owning” their states, and governing by non threatened means to the Honorable Governor’s , held as “prisoners,” powerless to set the course of state government by their own wits, power, and even will, stopped by foreign states.

Source: apparently international prison systems purging those reasonable, usng reason as Gassendi’s reason is an aspect of spirit.

Abraham Boulder

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7/8th rule

The “intelligent royal” of non-Euclidean philosophy in U.S. history intend to massacre non-G-men period.

Kind of a Karl Rove doctrine.

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The Natural Law imperative. What limits government will need to discipline science as well.

Spirits do fly under a flag that’s free, in a dimension of your own, free of nominal rearing perpetually driven to know the unknown, to see what can’t be seen, and know ourselves and our universe, as if for the first time.

And if what is known is not, thereby delusion, do we raise the glass to he or she that learns, and cares to have mercy on our existence, that what we are, is not science, science always, the tool, of the apposable thumb of the anthropoid, the human race.

  • Our creation being certain 200,000 years ago, blueprint of hominoids in hand, crafted by 2 million years of endoskeletal mammal, evolving to human, then borne by the Light of Destiny of the universal vital life force, Chi energy of Creation and physics recalibration, in emotional duality of positive and negative affect, to constructive actions, brutally pragmatic for the test of time in history of MEMES suited for variety in bio-genetics survival of homo sapiiens and homo sapiens sapiiens, stimulated for neurodensity, neuroatrophy, and regained by neuroplasticity–not subjected to new species generation, but by Natural Law that he (the brain organ) evolve naturally from his MEMES and his tool assistant, AI Tool, utilization.

And the heart maintained in this genuine loving fashion, as well.  The divine in Natural Law is genuine love.

Natural Law development of the brain dispensed with sensors from the heart, evolving and manifested at the brain’s core, in the Light of Destiny and the Light of Creator, God of sanity and health, redemption and serenity, with benevolent love for our species responsibly in the physical universe from our own creature feature to actualize on grave matters, weighty concerns, and “and things of great gravity” for learning how to live, and relearnimg how to live.

Abraham Boulder

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PCB–what he doesn’t get

In very, very acute obssessive compulsive disorder; very, very acute anti-social disorder, very acute personality disorder, mass homicidal tendencies, permissible delusions of grandeur that he was a 2-year old girl–now, “the Man” to spearhead jacking up the world until it is dead!

He loves his ice cream from New Jersey chemicals in the cream that are comparable to Love Canal that stench from his rear are clearly neurotoxin psychiatric drugs inducing behavior headed for negative one on a value index where -1 is a nuclear winter.

Something, it seems, he having not been put away for security reasons from society imperils the world immediately and seems to eclipse global business universes from carrying their legal obligations that corporations outlast human generations.

And adding to legal definition that “sizable profit” can be sufficient legal net assets returns carry the financial horizon burden beyond 200-300 years to provide redeeming real dollars sums in actual, real markets–the greatest securities known to Man!
Future energy field profits projected to reach $25 trillion.  Let’s utilize our best effective leadership in politiking for government cooperation. Laissez-faire means that–non-interference by the government of aggregate business drives of the bull for new emerging markets on Wall Street need to be honorable President Trump’s policy–including the $40 carbon tax.

Abraham Boulder

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Destiny or Final fate

(+)Fated darkness of Aryan play and death relationship (constriction) vs. release of light of living destiny and constructive negative and positive affect drives for world civilization and world societies and sovereign local nature preserves for million-year, human-alive venture. Conservation International and Nature Conservancy. Learning how to live, then after quite an experience in life, relearning how to live by continuing the journey’s destiny path of human species, homo sapiens, homo sapiens sapiens for a million years.

  • (+)Affect intelligence as feelings, with Gassendi’s “reason is an aspect of spirit:” IQ, EQ (emotional intelligence), SQ, values and meaning; WQ, (wisdom intelligence– grabs your attention, does not make you sleepy, executive function:  when to use IQ, EQ, SQ, when to use some other technique or skill, when to not use anything at all, when to use some technique or skill “outside the box.”

Dalai lama, king cobra, python, boa constrictor and lizard snake of Carl Jung’s future dreams (book: Liber Novus) of serpent challenging him in eastern dream travels, brought from the earth and becoming a part of his Jesus Christ figure, before Jesus Christ is seen transformed to light of Spirit, as God.

(-)Compare to a tentative Chinese dream of a computer dalai lama lizard snake AI program that commands human creatures not acknowledged or recognized as humans, only creatures, as the Chinese tentative end result of humankind (mankind) on exoplanet Earth; or (-) dreamed up Gate Jr’s Plato reductionism eliminating physical, human, and Spirit for unified field of consciousness of his own as spirit of intellect remains of life’s death.

Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia

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Check this out.

This is a scientific or disciplined objective appraisal, not a literary masterpiece of “put down.” It is an acknowledgement of character approaching “negative one” on a value index defined as the occurrence of a nuclear winter.

A post-modern tour de force.  An immobilizing deconstructionist attitude. A totally enrapturing diatribe of utter bullshit (Straussian)   A crackerbox prize of immobilizing policies and laws enacted to steal trillions of dollars from global economy, as well as political malfeasance (post-Straussian philosophy).

An end to the West and end to the Causcsian race and African race, singularity applied by PCB in the common unsconscious.  To immobilize psych economy surplus affect and intellect for a chaotic psyche economy deficit of ineptude and damage to well rested high intellect and good steed. Leaving us miserable, and muttering, “how did this happen?  Answer: PCB.
PCB: he is salient and in the way of many, many people’s lives, causing deaths and significant financial loss globally by common sense, common subconscious (hidden brain) saliency of his ineptness and betrayal to America and the world by extremely salient disorder of incessantly interrupting  individual’s and group’s activities.

Lost time, lost money, lost critical time alone, lost privacy, ruining downtime at your special home-base.

Psychotic in depth psychiatry because of his universal saliency, he is very, very convincing based on delusional manic activities (tendencies). and totally artificial goodness from his opoid habit.

Very, very acute obsessive-compulsive disorder behavior leading necromancy saliency in and around the world (including USA), such that he is “extremely” very, very acute social disorder.

And advocate going through the historical time behavior beyond the bifurcation point of “no return” in the science of chaos.  He wishes very much to make it Final final.  Armageddon. He crowds out opposing behaviour and actions designed to widen the horizon of net profit for 300 years to save our human species.

  • He is a collective genius of idiocy, imbecility, and moronicness all at the same time.  Post-modern Odyssey of an intentional idiot that effectively destroys civization (deconstructs), puts bullshit into arguments of relevance (Straussian lies) and aids in enacting laws that bind us to the impossible to immobilize organizations and end any and all effectiveness of the groups (post-Straussian philosophy).

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End of life comment

“A family relation murders me as a superior form of wickedness, “I don’t care about anyone, and Daddy PCB tells me what to do.” “I do, I murder, that’s all.  I love my father. PCB is a good man!,” says the villain.

What gives?

So I say, “Bye.”

Their drugs I believe are dirty and cause fatalities.

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Illegal Mexicans get to stay put in Mexico with great economic policy

Mexico needs an economy bolstered by liberal economics to avoid oversize or busting budgets, including whatever services to the public are affordable to keep the democracy, ideally, in good shape.

Wall or no wall–the best way to keep illegalp Mexicans to stay and live in their home, Mexico, is to use academic “brains” to structure a doable politicaleconomy so trade in Nafta with the South-border country secures Mexicans in their country more and doesn’t lead to overwhelming, human-storming of the wall co-joined with USA.

I’m not even sure it involves government intervention when think-tank institutes, knowing college liberal economics, are beyond learning, business-number mentality; and can develop correct markets systems for this economy.

Again, socialist communism influence always aids democracy by not forgetting the worker with Adam Smith, moral sentiments, so they perform high productivity without sizable burnout; maximizing profit for the businesspersons that, also includes village men geting to search for suitable wives with the little time they have for contact with one another.

Republicans seeking Hayek econimic policy and democratic businesspeople seeking Keynesian modifications need to remind themselves that starting out small can develop a Google or several, major businesses, competing with small or medium-sized businesses, driving their economy to better health and more stregnth.

They want their government to work, as well as the private sector of business.

They’re asking for the people with the know-how to seek funding from our states’ government or foundations.

A team of applied, pro-democratic political scientists and applied pro-liberal economists scientists modeling for direct application of economic principles to businesses, once the political scientists have free reign with the power to tailor the Constitution and government for greater efficiency and efficacy–then, approved by the majority of the voters.

“It seems, nothing works–and they need the government to work and so, the economy.”

“They need to work from the “ground-floor, up” and build something that makes the govrnment and economy doable.”

They need a technical, know-how approach for direct application to government and business sectors. They need systems that work. And intercession at key locations of government business and working policy with the private sector to end deadlock.

Abrahem Boulder

Abraham Boulder

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End of days. Bah!

What does “end of days” mean? I think it’s taken to mean, “irresponsibility.”

I think it simply means, “not being Jews anymore,” and have you need to take the rest of the statement: “You were Hebrew 1500 B.C.E. to 150 C.E., and Judaic development for 400 years to start a mature religion.

Now we go 400 years in 5778 to learn what became of Jew, what they are called, with heritage of Evretim, Judaism, democracy, and right and left parties, I am Everett of the Evretim.

Abraham Boulder

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Methodology of research of new found possiblilties: fated? Or, Destiny!  This is a MEME.

Note for below material:. Bifurcation point (of utter chaos) of overfilled population is sought by the viral dna

I work in possibility. When a subject is critical, the probability for reasearch is great.

Upon further investigation, you learn of something possible that is important, then probability for further research is recommended on this significant possibility.

And the search for greater understanding continues, via tree flow chart, where the expansion or narrowing of the research of significant possibilities, in turn, for significant probabilities of new found knowledge in science is inputted to a tree flow diagram.

Depending on research money, and possible necessity to focus narrowly on probability of further relevant knowledge may be required.

Investigating a virus capable of space travel via spirit locomotion cloud and simple nano structure of the virus, combined manifested vigourous anal activity displayed in intercouse of the vagina, and Aryan disassembly of this women to respective organs including removal of the brain, then selling of organs. Common subconscious saliency in and forced conscious with “immediacy” nature.

The virus was “seen” (group saliency) in the women’s brain apparently seeking nourishment.

The viral representation of a black spider with no head can be archetypal magnification exponentially via the archetypal good Almighty God of the Commonwealth (inspiring Idaho’s Constitution) that focuses on destiny, displaying the spidery-form of Western Civilization fate and eclipsed destiny (for a new world civilization, world societies and local nature sovreignties) by the viral altering DNA that has already occurred in India’s vigorous, anal-activity obsession and addiction.

From this Tantric sex, comes 20,000 destructive dieties that may be the universe end-point for universal entanglement of a nano, simple-structured virus that comes from another part of the universe.

Posit: India can utterly transform brain cognizance and consciousness.

The virus may have altered the DNA of Indians for world civilization’s demise as opposed the God of sanity, health, redemption, serenity; thus genuine love of the good Almighty God of commonwealth (of Idaho) whose idea of single God derived from the God of Hebrew tribes.

Such a single God is the light of destiny that helped occur the Enlightenment of Hobbes and Bacon.

This is opposed by the destructive deities of India fated to destroy mankind and seeking the Creator of sanity and health themselves in Aryan amplification to cause this human fate.

It is inherent in China’s present understanding of the Tao that we are fated as a species.

I Abraham Boulder speak of millions of years of destiny for our varied races, derived in Western Civilization. The dinorsaurs lasted 173 million years. We can easily outlast them to 276 million years, or the Boulder Period!

Abraham Boulder

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