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Personally Fated, yet Human Destiny prevails, because of individuals’ “intent.”

Human Direction, hence Fate or Destiny of the human species is, in the dimension of universal gravity, stemming from the individuals’ “intent,” producing personal and group will-effect.

Abraham Boulder.
—Keven Jung Young Wm James Tolstoy Sanchez Asia.

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Time to win.

(Affective intelligence, affective intuitive. Gassendi’s reason is an aspect of spirit.)


Intuitive feeling. Wisdom intelligence involves affective intelligence because it may contain final final declarations alerting what is necessary to weigh or at least consider at the dusk of existence.

An affective intuitiveness based on possibility and the increased probability that subject should be checked for actuality based on the urgency or monumental discordance of the content of the intuitive feel.

It’s as important as the whistle at the end of the day, and is quoted to be the whistle upon getting up in the morning and taking a shower.

Whether the whistle for possibility is at morning or at night, do not forget emerging markets for real markets, real dollars, 5, 10, 20, and 50-year redeeming coupons in your investment instrument and the windfall 250-years hence for your descendants and their troubles, such that futures will bet on a 250-year equilibria achieved as high-yield investment instruments with greatest of all odds.

Real markets. Real dollars. Real financial instruments. Real futures with corresponding big, big odds–that we won’t blow it.  And we just may.

Aiming for constructive effort and endeavor, during mostly negative global affect, and cynicusm; dependent on positive emotion to avoid burn-out, or to avoid total burn-out.

Let’s win.

Abraham Boulder.

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The working brain.

We need behavioral science of brain pathology and neurodestruction, that show what a person is more inclined to do, behaviorally.

For example dead brain cells scattered about, where dead brain cells could induce siniterism from toxicity, and healthy creative brain spots show a potential development of innovation. Of the “physics of action,” or what was included in the subject of histrionics.

I think this, “reading of minds” by intelligences services, human or not, does a great disservice to society and freedom.

Instead, an examination of the brain, would be more aligned with order of democracy, the Republic, and Destiny of the human species.

To approximate possibility, instead of condemning a man, woman, and child to autonomous heresies that he will supposedly act in fact a certain way, when it is really a matter of inclination. The physics of “will” in the universe.

Genes form and the telomeres can be legnthened or shorterned, make for a human form more inclined to do good things if healthy.   Dark things inclined to happen when care for the body is undone.

Organic thoughts should not be the property of objects, but of my own (your own too).

Abraham Boulder


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Whose minding the store.


“The Furnace of Affliction produces Refinement, in States as well as individuals.”
–John Adams.


While Hawking, esteemed Late Professor of Physics, breaks the billiard balls for arguments
from every imaginable dimension, the physicists manage to bump into, totali-tarianism, makes it’s way to learn how to manipulate and control spirit.

Israel, being mostly state also attempts to contain and squeeze out effect from the “Ineffable.” The hostilities may mean the viral genes are in the lead of scientists and their control environment is cause for viral mass to build viral colonies while the experiment centers on God.

Praised be Him. Also praise to Him from the Sabbath bride on Shabbat. Praise to our rock and Redeemer. Praise for family. Praise for friends. Praise for my own! me. Yours too.

Viral biomass and idea quanta, applied physics string curves and linesprecursor to biology’s s, can lead us in Destiny or Fate. Avoiding our extinction whenever possible, but limited in life span.

The bad virus effects microbiome by coloring their world nasty, and healthiness keeps virus at bay, distance from body illness by cleaning the body (a cleansing).

Viral biomass comes from the uterus and can be dealt forthrightly with a drip of rubbing alcohol.

Men’s aggressiveness is a profile of harnessing viral pods, which if ever found, can be thrown (if you throw it right, and damage the opponent.)

It certainly is a threat, at least. To someone unsuspecting.

But virus genes, 40 percent of human genes build colonies during human combat training, and in disfavorable work envitonments and family settings.

Family have a way of enduring, but too much viral colonies may be reason for divorce. And men and women get too much growth of these viral colonies, as genders. The growth in viral colonies can cause emotes via microbiome to imagine distaste, and hate, and overcompetition between genders by way of emotional intelligence. Things some get too much of, for sure.

Abraham Boulder.



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Western song–totalin’ the truck.

[editor’s note:. This here is in Christian vernacular]

Totalitarianism: the state goes to spirit, tries controlling spirit, that they done do it before and will try it again, and again.

Jesus, Lord of Christian Heaven bestows the grace he said he would put upon thee, but then you gunndunnit! You put Jesus in state that would mean he is static monolithic like Soviet architecture monstrosities monolith!

Policy implementation skidadlin’ away from Natural Law that is what constitutes the U.S. Constitution, needing review for unnatural law and indecen[t]cies[sic] marked, unconstitutional.

And those considered within framework of the living document, our U.S. Constitution that doesn’t drive every sane and decent constituent away from contemporaneous United States of America to make edict, declaring independence and reject forthfrontly, that which feels “you put in your mouth, and just have to spit it out quickly from your mouth–that keeps happenin’.

.And the wonderin’ dies down. And you stop feeling like private lines don’t have no place in the privacy we call, “freedom.”. And constitutional, “liberty.”

Their historical souls can do their homework and amend lots, our U.S. Constution with amendments that makes promise to this nation, it’s people’s, and world all-around and the promise that the world’s inhabitants will live, continue on, evoking Natural Law for the legal right to live, the legal right for state identifying the people’s of the world, domestically and world society at-large, as homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens. That they do have legal existence as human species.

Others amended as needed. The Republic to it’s highest pride for our species’ existence, living, continue to live, fated death; while destiny is ensured a future by wisdom intelligence, WQ, spiritual intelligence, SQ, what values we shed for the Common Good, hankerin’ on goodness to greatness just because this goodness counterweighs our plum terribleness, our generation-to-generation Fall, lookin’ up at a God above, or just need to tend to frustrations and look ahead at a financial horizon that has fiduciary coupons and full redemption in 250 years; in order for the markets to be real and dollar be a real dollar, as just defined here in the field of applied entrepreneurial economics.

Then EQ, emotional intelligence will feel sound and confident.

And IQ will stop gamblin’ and invest in the only future we have, lookin’ down on 250-year projection, and financially planning every fifty years, not just twenty, ten, or five.

So, while the state totals Jesus, of holy spirit–it advances as needed: makes me wonder if Jesus, with spigot in hand, drinks from the keg, drinking, drinking, drinking, a whole bunch from the go-ahead from the Devil itself winkin’ at Jefferson and tell Thomas a lie and telling him “to be confident! That it’s alright!”

“Totalizing Jesus is okay, he says. Get ’em drunk, see??! Then send Him on his way, so he totals Himself, not just the truck, says that devil.”

Moral of the story is: you got us all drunk. You did it to Jesus what cannot be. You totalled him, “our ‘I am'” so he’s no more, and then we won’t be, then robots taking on our places, leave odds of a dead human species–dead even. And our eternity lost to the crush of totalititarianism. Because Jesus, was “brought into state,” that doesn’t happen, the holy spirit don’t happen the n state and your looking at a lot of clunky concrete tall walls, and a state that manipulate spirit, and declare Jesus dead.

In fact the Houses of Gamblin’: the U.S., Russia, China, Arabia pay you! to let us be an extinct species, gamblin’ not fairly, but tampered wins, for more wins, more take. Directly betting on the U.S. population taking the ruin of our homo sapiens sapiens and homo sapiens species to extinction.

So the odds aren’t that we will destroy the world’s inhabitants. The Pascalian odds are dead-even, because, ‘it’s a given, we will.” The world will be destroyed.

At least that’s their thankin’.

In fact they like us so complacent, that they give extra take to sweetin’ the pot of our destruction. Not-dead even. We’re paid to be complacent, and just let go of what matters by whole bunch of people who need, now, to be accountable on incognito, called phantom VPN (or a broadband signal hiding identity) and web browsers that themselves have the capacity to turn incognito (so the browser doesn’t save anything in history, and you aren’t seen, by anybody as you surf the web).

Discussions in private steady any paranoia.

Abraham Boulder. –Keven.

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The problem with the good: Goodness to Greatness edited out for blandness and paltriness that doesn’t even come close to Divine symbolism, that would be carried forthrightly and transparently; in opposition to whitewash, harboring egregious, tactics, for, blackmarket cultural seduction and take.

Goodness to Greatness of any man, woman, and child persevering vice, set by greed to enact, and engage, Joseph Conrad’s ”the horror,’ blindly, placed in motion, awareness neutralized, resilience assured, death, at every turn of survival.

Redeeming power of the only one God saves, the ill-begotten, currency projecting on the silently abused. Acceptance, hailed outcry, declared, “white market business in-place, and happening.” Open for business. Bets are on.

A moment of prayer for the unfortunate, more than statistical metrics, bouncing back to a normal routine, silence eternal, until maturation and the coming of age, whence healing, can actually occur, does occur; and tragedy, and one’s past life can be put in it’s sullen belongings place, with hope of ending these kinds of actions.

Humming, white markets of the good economy supported by industry, private equity @percentage that liberal, scientific economics resorts to individual initiative, keeping populations alive, and in business, that amounts to maximum profitable yield before closing doors, deep sighing, in acceptance, and retake, of a new business, from one, dead.

The one percent, abundantly confident, supplied with jet setting mobility taken from both, the white and black markets. Obscene profits and obscene lifestyles, everyone here to “Make Their Day,” one of “good cheer” and opulence. Stopping at #metoo. Diving and driving into sex sporting, and juggeling a family, and your business returns for great fortune.

Another day. Currency and happenings. A good day, a good dollar. A hope for future brilliance, ontop of the goodness, counterweighed,
away from terribleness, by ordinary or splendid, greatness.

A tribute to survival, commerce, anti-corruption survival, and profitmaking and profittaking. The ideal, serves as a guideline to harvest prudence, stop naivete.

The take will always be there. But being clean, keeps the business up and running; and allows for decency, to get around, and catch comparable virtue, and magic partners of love.

All in a day’s work and the ability to live with yourself. To continue, continuing on with a smile, a hope, a prayer and tangible proof that profits are in, business is running, family is given adequate attention, and the less fortunate receive charity.

All in a day’s work. God bless our lives. God find in us the ability to turn around our proclivity for oppression and defeat! Replace this with a stronghold of decency, morals, and good taste!

Lord our God we know we can do better.

We humbly pray (if humble may be) to do better. Compassion. Forthrightedness. Correctness in the face of right and wrong, good and bad, great, and human waste, at-it’s-worst. Cooperation. Coordination. Collaborate on terms settled by myriad of opposing sides, favoring all as the disgruntled. But, with all, having stakes in the future, via merit and achieving success in our goals.


—Keven Jung Young Wm. James Tolstoy.


Abraham Boulder.

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