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March 28, 2017 · 1:28 pm

Doable Soviet business ideas translated into American business-common law by correct reasoning and simplified version of consumer protection law in the fifty states, or Federal law

There is an argument that common law can be advanced in a more simplified manner to make allowance and assist the less educated, experienced constituent and/or buyer of United States products.

This would allow free-er commerce and allow for cultural exchange that can free-up ideas and increase greater innovation accommodation for consumer products that would actually fulfill the needs of the real consumer, instead of an imaginary consumer–that would not drown the world consumer with products not at the cultural level of a region or sector community within this world that do not meet their emotional IQ, (EQ), not at their spiritual IQ (SQ): value or meaning neither

That is, does this product have meaning to me, SQ, such that what you are telling me to use it for, has “value” to me–and not the manufacturer, in a manner that there is a clear, not forced demand for this consumer item?

Finally, wisdom intelligence–W-IQ, or WQ, is, I assert, a clear and decisive intelligence capable of fundamentally reasoned assertions, that fair better conclusively over time, than ill-conceived IQ “convenience products.”

I further assert, the world as a whole has reasoning capabilities that has WQ, greater than most leaders, and most manufacturers, and need a simplified, culturally-accepted explanation of services offered that consumers can choose to buy–that are clearly explained advantages, and allowing consumers to confirm or disagree with seller’s assertions of “value”–making a decision to “buy service” or not, without pressure from seller of the service.

This includes marketing of wares. Subliminal coercion should be ousted for a marketing strategy designed to reach the actual consumer in their world sector of community, via internet marketing questionnaire surveys, that ask them their needs, so that the questions get answers from them that are actually fulfilling their needs, not buyers’ forced insistence–before enticing them into splurging on wants–if that is even possible by global workers.

Laws should prevent bullying, abusive, macho marketing designed to pummel consumers into products they don’t want or they don’t need–simply because they truthfully are unaffordable, but coerced in marketing strategy.

This is on a global level. Needing consumer protection law–simplified, common law in the United States’ fifty states that addresses the actual global sector communities through much- more-needed marketing strategies that fulfills accurately actual needed demand.

Don’t sell essential needed products like Disneyland adventures. Marketing strategies need to capture very accurately the buyer’s (consumer’s) needs such that any wants thrown at them in macho, peer-fashion, bullying techniques are lawfully not allowed in marketing strategies in the United States addressed to the billions of world population sector communities.

Don’t pull a wild card on the world consumer that uses coercive marketing strategies not fulfilling essential needs of workers who have needs to continue their effort at working and need whatever other time to get their needs fulfilled and find healthier forms of pleasure.

Aggressive marketing needs to target, by WQ, the workers needs so their work for American business is quality #1 and at top speed.

And the marketing in the media needs to reflect American business and other world business leaders very high demand for efficiency and speed from today’s global worker that can only be fulfilled by media marketing that fulfills worker needs to meet world business leaders high demand.

Limits on sexual cannotations can steer a man to fulfill his needs to family and business to better assure him of continued employment in very, very high demanding global jobs.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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DISCLOSURE: à(1) fiction tale and (2) religious madness during “tired sobriety:” Boulder wakes up to graduate schools as “terrorist stations:” pumping out freely the reasoned, thorough destruction of humanity–for the degree. A business enterprise reminiscent of Andre Greykov’s put-in’s and Merkel’s and Trump’s states of the Union’s governments and Saudi’s Interventionism in the global economies of higher-institutions-of-education businesses

Merkel like Andre Greykov’s of Russia,, byproducts of Christianity declaring themselves Christians, killing Jews as messengers of Orthodox “Jew” Church, following Jewish mysticism that is wrong headed and troubling to a merciful heart, explains that “from the very, very worst in terrible acts of leadership of nations and peoples, comes the best in personage greatness (paradise on Earth, missing the essential ingedient–freedom and toleration and equality-by-law enforcement and jury judgments favorable to these victims)”

Arrogance that the forced history of the coming of Heaven not caused by moderates of harm and destruction but extreme wickedness within the Christians, all of which, call themselves “Jew” and do such harm and destruction for Communism acquisition of untold riches in mercantilism for popes and kings, and untold misery and poverty and enslavement (of “human property”), such as in Korea, in non-chalance, horrible, intense collective pain from leadership, domestically, or from various points of origin, with a “sound blessing,” prayed by these popes, possibly kings and emperors too, as though such prayer is “coming from heaven.” In addition, many doctors of divinity have “heard the trumpet call.” I argue: not out of divine intervention or inspiration but Satan’s riches they steal from reformed liberal economies in royal mercantilism, against robust democracies, whose public education institutions must not be warehouses of death mercenaries (for-profit, serial-killing businesses, in what other countries legally call, crimes against humanity)–instituted.
# # #

1) fiction tale and (2) religious madness during “tired sobriety:” Boulder wakes up to.

.->. ->. ->. ->. ->. ->.

Now, what of it?!

Is killing Jew or any group within World Court legal allowances? Or clearly expressed as acceptable action directly or indirectly to engage in genocide (serial murders) by the respective governments?! I say imperatively, “No.”

States of the union, since 1919, allegedly have clearly engaged in genocide tactically of more than a few victims. Notably, although equally tragic, is the legal interpretation that the Declaration of Independence is Not a legal document–when it is–and rebellion against tyranny, even if it is a hegemony and not a dictatorship, directly or indirectly–expressed in dissent in behavior or verbal expression does not, and will never warrant assassination of the constituents of that state(s).

Such action by any of the states of the Union, or in conjunction with other states, is constitutionally prohibited! Federal action against constituents for arbitrary assassination to elicit a form of terrorism in tyranny by Government is likewise constitutionally prohibuted, as it is illegal to assassinate directly or indirectly constituents in dissent of the party in power or by other party members!

Abraham Boulder, constituent of the United States of America.

Communism doesn’t serve the people, but the hegemony.

Liberal economics allows the individual to decide he or she needs and his or wants in a wise budget. From such commerce comes an “invisible hand” that determines price of a good or product based on demand for the good, and the supply available in retail stores and through the stratium of business and industry suppliers. It’s an equilibrium, that works independent of controls. Too much political pressure for Intervention will interrupt private enterprise and private initiative and their business universes, and falter the health of what-would-be a state economy.

Too much price fixing, little or no competition, and a propensity to seize private ventures, private personal assets, and corporate profits, or nationalizing usually occurs. The Bill of Rights would be disregarded by a Government whose legal definition of citizen or “constituent” is government property, and no protection against government abuse.

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Something present.

Telepathy Not equal to idea quanta entanglement

Limbic system affect entanglement universally in expression with an other, preferably your own spouse.

Content or (affect) intelligence in a shared commons of “universal consciousness” (such as, tennis court or entertainment venue).

Asocial, anti-social individual, divorced from commons, proceeding to Armageddon, a present-day archetype.

Or, knowing of continuous descending of Hell of mankind, “pulls” a Kantian transformation from radical evil to Jesus Christ, owned in the soul of the individual; recognition and acknowledgment of God by those unaccustomed to prayer, or not used to caring about that “S.O.B.,” and not caring for others–for the most part.

In such a manner, pulls a Savior reversal of our Destiny, in this solar system to a thousand-year- era of confidence of solving-our-problems, divergently, on this exoplanet,, in this milky way galaxy, in this–our shared universe. Our birthright.

Abraham Boulder.

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What we have on exoplanet Earth in the Sun’s solar system, in the spiraling Milky Way galaxy, at the time of the known visible universe

As I read on Chi and original sources for energy flowing into tomorrow, I acknowledge Asia’s advantage, where I stand on the Pacific Rim, Gateway to Asia in Seattle, that they intermingle inextricably with nature as the number one answer to saving ourselves on this planet.

In ying-yang duality: if the above nature connection is our survival, the yang is the Communist party and fascist members’ non-Euclidean approach that disregards natural human evolution, disconnects, and I say, disjoints us from Nature, such that the quantum computer is the final result.

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The West met by the East

Keep simple = simplicity of fundamental is the elegant roots.

Supplementing the fundamental roots is a series of “webs” not “matrix” (because Jungian myth in cinema holds the matrix to be robotic insects.)

Minirobotics is key to understanding the future with or without insect physics and physiology.

The web includes supplemented information in relation to other things whose relevance is asserted by a “link” to that webpage or website.

What becomes apparent is that internet pathways can easily be made “blind alleys” by linking nonsense or Straussian philosophy to relevant or critical sites. This blind alley formation may override the necessarily correct pathway to critically important information.

Abraham Boulder

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A lot of people have intimate knowledge of death and dying

Terrorism by Muslim extremists is one brand.

Another one, from Arabia, Asia, and possibly Jerusalem. Is the proper etiquette of language, oftentimes England English applied to the ceremony of the dead: the death dance, death chanting, chemical, bioagent placement on the body in physics training of sand painting, utterance language of the dying and the dead. Physics of the dead connected to utterance language.

You can get a Ph.D in the language in India, Pakistan, and Bengladesh.

It is a form of terrorism, and that is what these governments are.

Abraham “Ricardo” Boulder

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